The EAP Awareness Profiling Tool is .... INSERT MORE TEXT HERE. 

Shortly you will be presented with 60 statements and the opportunity to respond in one of three ways: YES. NO. BUT.

YES means that you fully identify with the statement and it is a true reflection of how you experience life right now.

NO means that the statement as no relevance in your life at the moment, or never has.

BUT means that you either do it occasionally, or way too much that other areas of your life are being neglected as a result.

Your answers are to be based on your life experience RIGHT NOW. Not what you were doing five years ago, or even three months ago. This is the first step in exploring your CURRENT REALITY.

Please note! This is not an exercise in determining what is right or wrong. It is an exercise that can provide you with insights about the aspects of life in which you are more aware, and those where you are less aware. You can't change what you can't see (or aren't aware of), so answer as honestly as possible. 

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