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This program is designed for anyone, who is wanting to improve the quality of their life. However, most people are usually motivated to participate as they can relate to one or more of these situations. They;


1. are committed to ongoing personal growth and are looking for something new and innovative


2. have done a lot of self development or spiritual work but still struggle to maintain the changes or inner-peace


3. have come to a cross-road in your life and are uncertain about how to move forward


4. are experiencing a general feeling of discontent or wanting more out of life or more specifically:


• unhappiness in relationships,

• lack of fulfilment in their career,

• low self-esteem and confidence,

• compromised health and wellbeing,

• lack of direction or an absence of purpose.


The Enhances Awareness Program not only makes a profound difference to the participant in the program, but also the lives of those with whom they come into contact.


Most of the filters for how we see life as an adult have been programmed into our subconscious by the time we are about seven years of age. Through our familial and societal experiences, we develop a story about how we need to turn up in the world in order to feel a sense of worth. As a result, most of us reach adulthood imprisoned by these beliefs we developed during those formative years. At EAP  we  refer  to  this  core  belief  as  the  ‘story’.


This  story informs what we value and why we express ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically the way we do. It becomes the foundation to the filters that we place on our life experience. These filters are so strong that irrespective of the reality that is present in any moment, all we can see is the story. That is why when people try and bring about change externally it doesn't work. Putting a bandaid on a cut isn't what heals the wound.


As an EAP Mentor, you will work one-on-one with your clients guiding them through the step-by-step, easy-to-follow process. The program is made up of three units, each unit taking approximately 16 weeks to complete. Each week you will attend a 60-90 minute session with your client either in person, via video conferencing or phone call. At the end of each session you will inform your client of the activity that will  need to be completed before you get together for your next session.




To develop new behaviours we have to develop new neural pathways, and the first step is to help the client recognise how their current reality is not serving them. This requires them to identify the state of consciousness that leads to their suffering – depression, burnout, loneliness, unfulfilling employment, joyless relationships, lifestyle diseases etc. Secondly, when we are self-honouring, we make better serving choices. This means that suffering is the result of poor self-worth. You will work with your client to identify a belief they hold about themselves that minimises their ability to see their true personal value. Poor self-worth is a catalyst for suffering. Self-honouring creates a better quality of life.

Together with your client you will then explore a more self-loving alternative reality, one where there is little or even no suffering. The minute they begin to imagine a more self-loving alternative reality, they begin to lay down a new neural pathway. Because of its immaturity there is high resistance, in contrast to the old habit in which there is little resistance, a bit like electrical cabling. To attract more neurons to this new pathway, it helps to give concrete strategies for how this more beneficial reality could be achieved.


Building a strategic map adds to the new neural pathway, reducing the resistance. At EAP Mentor we encourage our clients to follow the path of least resistance (their old habits) but to take a moment to recall how this path doesn’t serve them, and is responsible for their suffering or dis-ease. Each time they do that they effectively pruning the old pathway, which reduces the resistance to pursuing the more self-loving route. We also ask them to review their strategic map daily for four weeks to help strengthen the new neural connections in the brain.


There is a tipping point where the path of least resistance becomes the new neural pathway, which by now is so much more developed than the old pathway. It is at this point that the client adopts their new habits with ease. The key to successful change in this final element — mindfulness. In the past, the key to change, having established the vision of a more self-loving alternative for engaging life, was goal setting with time frames and accountability. This has the potential for success but in the majority of cases it leads to failure. Millions of failed diets attest to it. Instead of using personal discipline and will to change their behaviour, any will exerted by the client is in being mindful of the choice to be more self-honouring. Being mindful of the choice, your client then follows the path of least resistance, with awareness of the associated benefits or challenges.




Through your guidance of the Enhances Awareness Program your client is providing themselves with an opportunity to become more aware of their values and more conscious of how they think, act and feel. Through identifying their story they gain the ability to observe how it plays out in their life, as opposed to being fully immersed in the drama of it. Clients of the Enhances Awareness Program consistently report the following benefits from participating in the program: 


• Generally happier across all areas of their life.
• Restored love and connection in relationships that have been turbulent or broken for a long time. 
• Able to communicate with more clarity and confidence. 
• More freedom to be themselves and spend less time worrying about what others think of them.
• Less demanding of themselves and others, finding that they are no less productive or effective.
• Take the time to really listen to others, less consumed by their own thoughts.
• Take more time to listen to themselves and prioritise looking after their needs just as much as others.
• Not as emotionally reactive, giving them time to respond in a way that is more beneficial.
• Experience less frustration, anxiety and anger.
• Feel less exhausted.
• More motivated to engage in life.
• Increased confidence, helping them to make choices that will take their life in the direction they want.
• Consume less alcohol and drugs.
• Have found a new passion for the work they do, or move on to employment that is more serving to them.
• Improved financial situations.
• Improved sleep.
• More committed to health and fitness than ever before.
• Improved health and wellbeing.
• Less dependant on the approval of others as they start to develop a deeper sense of self-worth.


EAP IS UNIQUE: Our research indicates that traditional personal development and life coaching programs have a primary focus to help people implement change by identifying what they are doing wrong and changing what is not working by setting goals for the client to achieve. How EAP differs is that we don't ask our clients to change anything.


As an EAP mentor you do not set goals for your client, you simply guide and offer support as they make their way through a systemised process that helps them to become more aware of how they are experiencing life, and how they could experience it differently. Other modalities often focus on changing the external environment while at EAP we have the client focus on the awareness of their experience and whether or not it is serving in their best interest. It is in this authentic observation that the chance for change is not only possible, but sustainable.


EAP IS CREDIBLE: The Enhances Awareness Programs founding principal, Russell Sturgess, developed EAP after dedicating a life time of research and development into spiritual practices and holistic approaches to healing which included more than 35 years experience in the health industry. Russell first learnt awareness and mindfulness approaches to healing in the late eighties when he regularly travelled to the USA to attend trainings with Dr Jerry Jampolsky, Dr Susan Trout, Stephen Levine and then later with Paul Ferrini. Now 35 years later, Russell well qualifies as one of Australia's leading teachers of healing and awareness.


EAP WORKS: Hundreds of people who have participated in the Enhances Awareness Program have reported improved health, clarity, happiness and freedom from their suffering. Most importantly, they have found these changes to be sustainable. See what some of our clients have had to say by visiting our testimonials page.



If you would like to participate in the Enhances Awareness Program, all you need to do is find a mentor and arrange a date to start. Your mentor will arrange to get your high content workbook to you in which you will record your progress through the entirety of the program.


If you feel you need more information about the program, that’s no problem. There are a couple of things you can do:


1. Reach out to the mentor of your choice and ask about completing the EAP Awareness Booklet.


2. Read the seven part series ‘How EAP Works’ on our blog 


3. Join us on Facebook for regular conversations and information on awareness and mindfulness, or sign up to receive our free monthly e-zine directly to your inbox at the bottom of this page.

4. Contact EAP HQ or the mentor of your choice with any questions.