At EAP we believe that change is a result of enhancing awareness and living mindfully. We believe that when an individual uncovers a deep sense of self-worth and acceptance that they experience true happiness and begin to heal. We also believe that through healing enough individuals in this way, global change is possible. 

In his book 'Get Out of Jail Card', Russell Sturgess, the founder of EAP Mentor, shares intimate details of his own awareness journey. One of the pivotal parts of the book is where he writes:

"I saw before me, someone who was truely happy. Someone who naturally expressed stillness and who obviously possessed a great sense of their self-worth."

This moment perfectly captures the essence of what EAP Mentors are working to achieve with their clients.



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EAP Mentor will make a significant contribution to facilitating global inner stillness (peace) and healing, one person at a time. We believe that a global change can be achieved by guiding a critical mass to be enhanced in their awareness. This program will be delivered by 'ordinary' people who possess a clear understanding of the dynamic healing nature of awareness and who share the vision of EAP Mentor.

Our mission is to train and support enough EAP Mentors in using the Enhances Awareness Program and Pathways to Mindfulness Program to have a global critical mass aligned with desires and supporting values that will create global peace and healing.


Russell first learnt awareness and mindfulness approaches to healing in the late eighties when he regularly travelled to the USA to attend trainings with Dr Jerry Jampolsky, Dr Susan Trout and then later with Paul Ferrini. Now 25 years later, Russell well qualifies as one of Australia's leading teachers of healing and awareness.


Russell was trained in Osteopathic massage at the age of 15. On leaving high school in the mid-seventies, Russell went on to study Osteopathy and Natural Therapies at the South Pacific College in Sydney. Having completed his studies in the early eighties he went on to build a successful country practice. By the mid-nineties Russell had five and a half thousand clients on record and was personally treating 125 clients a week. Concurrently, Russell developed Fascial Kinetics, an Osteopathic connective tissue therapy based on the work of Australian Osteopath, Tom Bowen. Russell taught this extensively throughout the USA, New Zealand and Australia.


It was in 2006 that Russell commenced researching his first book and began working on an expanded approach to his healing philosophy from which he developed EAP.

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Russell began lecturing in the USA in 1990, regularly teaching his Osteopathic approach to healing called Fascial Kinetics. Besides his national US lecture circuit, Russell also presented at conferences and conventions of both state and national bodies of the American Massage Therapy Association, from 1991 to 1996.


During this time, Russell presented on Fascial Kinetics at various Natural Therapy conferences throughout Australia and New Zealand. By the mid-nineties Russell had developed his healing philosophy program called BeAttitudinal Healing which was the fore-runner to EAP. This lead him to present at conferences for Nursing, Catholic Education, Massage Therapy, Bowen Therapy and Scouting. He has also presented sessions for corporate conferences including the Mckenzie Group and Silver Chef.


After publishing his book Metanoia, Russell was invited to present at conferences throughout Australia, as well as France (2011), England (2014) and the USA (2015). To this day Russell does regular lecture circuits throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Russell took a sabbatical in 2006, living in Southern Italy where he researched and scribed the first draft of his book, Metanoia. Two years later he self-published his groundbreaking book that has lead to him presenting at conferences around the world.


Metanoia, is a real-life Da Vinci Code, in which Russell reveals religious mysteries from medieval Europe that have remained 'hidden in plain sight' for almost 600 years. His book and engaging talks take his audience into Milan, Italy during the Visconti rule between the 14th and 15th centuries.


Besides the intrigue and mystery of the heretics that inspired the Albigensian Crusade and Inquisition, Russell reveals the secrets that these heretics encoded into a set of picture cards that were later called the Marseille Tarot. It was from his research that Russell was inspired to create the principles and process that he later called the Enhances Awareness Program.


This is a very personal 'warts and all' examination of how Russell went from divorce, depression, bankruptcy and obesity, to being in a conscious relationship, purposeful and fulfilled in his work, financially stable and 40kg lighter, all a consequence of his Enhances Awareness Program.


Russell transparently shows how his narrative, which emerged from his childhood, became the catalyst for his suffering. By understanding and reframing his 'story', he was able to find a place of forgiveness and gratitude. This enabled him to see the gifts that arose from his story, and how it was possible to use those gifts to fulfil his 'calling'.


This book is a quick read, but it will have you hold a magnifying glass to your own life and consider how you might create a life that is free of suffering. This little book of alchemy shows how it is possible to convert the dross of life into gold.

For more information about Russell, or to purchase one of his books, visit his website www.russellsturgess.com.au