Before I did EAP, I was already a fairly spiritual person and had a great family and friendship base and a job I enjoyed. However, I still struggled with managing stress, so much so that I began to have gut related issues and would often feel anxious.I used to live concerned about the expectations of others. I cared too much about what I thought they would think. I always felt I had to do everything right, be the best. How did these issues improve working with your Mentor and EAP? EAP has helped me choose to do things for me, as apposed to doing it in search of approval from others. During the course the amount of health issues reduced and since completing the course are few and far in between. By alleviating the stress I was feeling, my entire perspective on work and many other areas in my life has shifted. Moments where I would usually feel overwhelmed, frustrated or anxious, no longer make me feel this way. In return this has also allowed me to spend more of my own time focussing on my other values such as friends and family. What is the overall thing you would want to say to someone considering doing the EAP? My experience was that I really didn't have to do anything. The discussions with my mentor and the journaling type pages of the program almost instantly stuck in my head. I found myself thinking about the discussions and my experience daily, which naturally lead to me being more aware. Be ready to be open and honest. Be willing to learn more about yourself then you could possibly know. This is an opportunity for even the smallest shift to have phenomenal positive effects. This course really has the power to help you change your life, if you let it.

Tegan S

"Before I did EAP I was time poor, frustrated with my life and not sure how to reach my goals. After EAP , my time management is more consistent, I nurture myself more (and don’t feel guilty about it), and my goals are more prominent in thoughts throughout the day. Give it (EAP) a go, it will change your life". Rachel, New Zealand

Rachel L

The deep love and healing that has emerged has really awakened me. My relationships with my husband, family and friends are more connected, present and still. Where I lived mostly in fear, I now live from a place of peace, love and compassion.

Rosie C
Business Owner

Before EAP, I was prone to depression and anger and fearful of my future and other people's expectations of me. I lacked the awareness to see who I wanted to be and the calmness to decide how to get there. Through EAP I developed a greater understanding of who I am and my values and the triggers that pushed my negative thoughts and behaviours.  I developed a calmness in response to stress that allowed me to consider the actions that best served me, and the self-confident to follow through. This course has been of tremendous value to me in understanding what is at the root of my depression and anger problems. The techniques I have learned have enabled me to deal with these issues when they arise. This has freed me to caste aside distracting thoughts and self-doubt to become the better version of me that I can.

Chris H
Restaurant Manager

The team "like to give me the title of Senior Creative Director, who would have guessed! I have found passion and an ability to work with people on creative projects and I not only thoroughly enjoy it, I am rather good at it. What  a program - it is "a life changing empowering model of self awareness".

Suzanne P
Senior Creative Director

An illuminating way to shine the light on what holds me back. EAP, It’s a life changing event and I’m loving it! Thank you!

Cathy B
Health Practitioner

EAP made what felt daunting and insurmountable approachable and doable. It provided me with the structure for change helping me find my best self and the best of life, I started to see the destructive patterns in my life changing into the best manifestation in all areas.

Michal S
Interior Designer

EAP has empowered me with some very special tools and knowledge that I use on a daily basis and will continue to use for the rest of my life. I look back to my past with the opinion that I had been living my life with my eyes and ears shut. I now have a totally different perspective on life and the way I go about things.

Travis L

I started my weekly EAP sessions or as I like to think of them, a date with myself. Although I had been on a journey of personal development for many years...I realised that I had never sat and considered my values. I also uncovered many other areas which were lacking awareness. As they say, you can't change what you can't see! It's early days yet but I'm constantly amazed by the insights I am gaining. I'm loving this!

Deb H
Health Therapist