Through developing a greater understanding of the power for awareness and mindfulness to bring sustainable change, participants of these two-day workshops have the tools to create a more self-loving approach to life, personally and or professionally. This not only benefits the participant, but also family, clients and colleagues.

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We often have several roles in life. Our roles at work, our domestic roles, and roles in our community. In more recent years the accumulated stressors associated with these roles have resulted in increased suicides, depression, burnout and exhaustion. Result-driven performance indexes has resulted in significant imbalances in the time given to meeting the demands of work, and the time dedicated to quality of life. This distribution of time is predicated by what one values. Rarely is the work being done valued, so much as the reward for the work being done. In most cases that reward is financial, which equates to a standard of living. Work/life balance is all about values.


Through the familial and social programming of our formative years blended with the current programming of advertising, we develop a set of values that informs how we spend our time and our money. The fact that we spend on average 95% of our time functioning subconsciously, means that most of our decision making for how we spend our time and money is habitual or programmed. In other words, we aren’t even truly aware of the choices we make. The moment we have difficulty in making a decision, we are really experiencing a values crisis. Only through becoming aware can we be free of our programs. Being aware means we can be mindful of our choices, since through awareness we understand what is more or less serving.


Our series of Pathway to Mindfulness Workshops are all entitled The Aware…(followed by one of the many roles we take on); The Aware Health Professional, The Aware Businessperson, The Aware Parent, The Aware Adolescent etc. One of the principles of EAP states that you can’t change what you can't see. So expanding awareness (being able to see more clearly) is fundamental to these workshops. There are three key elements to being aware. One is being able to see the truth of life as it currently stands and what the impact is in your life, and the other is what would be a more loving alternative. Loving to yourself, as well as to others. The third element is what stops you from making choices to live in a way that is more serving and more self-loving. All three of these elements are covered in these two-day workshops.


Through participating in a Pathways to Mindfulness Workshop, you are providing yourself with an opportunity to become more aware of your values and more conscious in how you think, act and feel. Our clients also consistently report the following benefits from participating in the program:

• A more consistent state of happiness.

• Feeling more engaged and fulfilled in life.

• More freedom to express their authentic self.

• Improved health and increased abundance.

• Less exhausted allowing them to be focused and productive.

• More clarity of purpose and how to express it in their life.


During the Pathways to Mindfulness Workshops you will identify 'your story' which is a set of behaviours, attitudes and beliefs you hold about yourself that keep you imprisoned in a state of consciousness that typically results in exhaustion, depression, financial stress, infidelity and loneliness (just to name a few). You will become familiar with the symptoms of your story as it is expressed through your four states of consciousness (Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual) and the five points of focus (Development, Self Nurturance, Personal Wellbeing, Accountability and Social Integration). Using real-life examples, you will see how its possible that your story is handicapping your work as a professional, or your relationships with others.


• Understand the difference between awareness and mindfulness

• Explore why awareness is so necessary

• Review the etymology of the words health and disease

• Consider the spiritual perspective of the words health and disease

• Explore the impact today’s approach to healing is having on the economy

• Complete your professional or relationship awareness profiling, score and interpret results

• Complete your personal awareness profiling, score and interpret results

• Compare your awareness profiles

• Identify a core fear that is responsible for personal stressor trends

• Identify strategies you have created for avoiding the reality of that fear

• Develop one sentence (your story) that best summarises those strategies

•Identify the source of your beliefs, behaviours, expectations and fears

• Identify where your story comes from


• Explore the symptoms of your story

• Consider the impact your story has had on you personally and professionally or in your relationships

• Gain clarity of the role that awareness and mindfulness play in helping you to be free from your story

• Identify the gifts and abilities that emerged from your story

• Forgive your story through gratitude

• Discover how to be sustainably engaged in a purposeful and fulfilling career or relationship

• Create a tool that will act as a daily reminder to practice being mindful


Each participant receives an awareness journal complete with 56 days of reflection activities.

The Aware Health Professional

The Aware Adolescent

The Aware Educator

The Aware Businessperson

The Aware Parent

The Aware You

Lynn. W
Christchurch, NZ

“Every serious health professional should consider this work so you can not only ‘walk your talk’ but also enhance and enrich yourself as a person. I would attend this course again in a heartbeat.”

Leo. H
Auckland NZ

“I would say this is the best course I have done to date. It will help me in my work as a health professional to be more aware, still and effective in the work with my clients.”

Adriana. B
Perth WA

"We learnt things about ourselves that have been hidden all our lives. It has given us tools to become better and happier practitioners, who can better relate to our clients and therefore are able to give better service.”

David. O
Adelaide, SA

"Quite simply an awakening, both personally and professionally. The insights this course provided were invaluable and I can't recommend highly enough to anyone the advantages this course provides."

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