Pathways To Mindfulness


Rosemary shares with Russell about the changes that unfolded as she retired from her life-time career as a teacher. She explains how by participating in the EAP and becoming a mentor she is able to create a new expression of service that embraces her past experience.

Rosemary talks about how inspired she is to be a mentor, in being able to profoundly help people who are in their wellness journey. She has found for her, the perfect retirement career.


In talking with Russell, Pat explained how as a retiree and the family matriarch, having completed the EAP, she went from being in servitude to her family to being of service. This shift in awareness meant Pat was able to engage more in the things that she wanted to do without feeling guilty.

Resentment for servitude has been replaced with delight in being able to genuinely be there for her family. As Pat explains, "My relationship with my daughter has been the best it has ever been".

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