Pathways To Mindfulness


After 30 years of being a health professional and international health educator, Russell explains how being more aware of his consciousness enhanced his work as a healer. He explains how this level of awareness embraces care for self as much as it serves the client.

As Russell says, when you work this way there is less stress, no burnout, and more access to creativity and intuition. The most significant effect of including EAP with healing modalities are more sustainable results for clients.


As a participant in the EAP, Colleen shares with Russell how her work as a health practitioner and educator has changed. She is particularly aware that heightened listening and awareness has greatly improved her effectiveness as a healer, especially her intuitiveness and her ability to be more present with her clients.

She also explains how her confidence has greatly improved, which has helped Colleen be more calm, kinder, and compassionate.

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