Pathways To Mindfulness


A decade ago Anna left the corporate world because she was fast heading towards burnout. Anna became involved in EAP in its early days, because she saw the value it offered people who had been in situations similar to her own.

She knew she could make a real difference in people's lives and over the past six years has done just that, for hundreds of people. For those considering becoming an EAP Mentor Anna simply says, "It's the best thing I have ever done in my life".


Chris, a manager in hospitality, explains to Russell how his management skills with staff and customer service has totally changed, resulting in less stress for him, happier clients and more engaged staff.

Chris goes on to explain that he found parts of the program to be challenging, but those parts lead to him being clear about his passion. This awareness has become the catalyst for Chris to actively pursue his passion and have it represent agreater portion of how he spends his time.

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