The Enhances Awareness Program (EAP) is a systematic structure designed to help people bring about the change  they  want  to  see  in  their  lives,  and  have  it  be  sustainable.  By  becoming  free  of  our  fears, exhaustion, stress and judgements we are able to live with more happiness, health and clarity.

COST: Approx. $1600 per unit
SESSION TIME: One 1hr session per week
PROGRAM TIME: Approx. 3 Months per unit
NOTE: Most people participate in a minimum of 2 units



This program is designed for anyone, who is wanting to improve the quality of their life. However, most people are usually motivated to participate as they can relate to one or more of these situations;

1. You are committed to ongoing personal growth and are looking for something new and innovative

2. You have done a lot of self development or spiritual work but still struggle to maintain the changes or inner-peace

3. You have come to a cross-road in your life and are uncertain about how to move forward

4. You are experiencing a general feeling of discontent or wanting more out of life or more specifically:

• unhappiness in relationships,

• lack of fulfilment in your career,

• low self-esteem and confidence,

• compromised health and wellbeing,

• lack of direction or an absence of purpose.

The  Enhances  Awareness  Program  not  only  makes  a  profound  difference  to  the participant in the program, but also the lives of those with whom they come into contact.




Most of the filters for how we see life as an adult have been programmed into our subconscious by the time we are about seven years of age. Through our familial and societal experiences, we develop a story about how we need to turn up in the world in order to be accepted. As a result, most of us reach adulthood imprisoned by these beliefs we developed during those formative years. At EAP  we  refer  to  this  core  belief  as  the  ‘story’.


This  story informs what  we  value  and  why  we express ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically the way we do. It becomes the foundation to the filters that we place on our life experience. These filters are so strong that irrespective of the reality that is present in any  moment,  all  we  can  see  is  the  story.  This  is  why  when  people  try  and  bring  about  change externally it doesn't work. Putting a bandaid on a cut isn’t what heals the wound. The Story.




At EAP Mentor we understand the main cause for the suffering and exhaustion we endure in life to be a result of two things.

1. You are living life aligned with unsustainable values. Our values are informed by what we want most. Our default want comes from our ‘story’.

2. You are living life unaware. You mostly think, act and feel habitually, which has been created unconsciously from your story.

Through  the  guidance  of  the  Enhances  Awareness  Program  and  your  personal  mentor,  you  are  providing yourself with an opportunity to become more aware of your values and more conscious of how you think, act and  feel.  You  will  identify  your  story  and  gain  the  ability  to  observe  how  it  plays  out  in  your  life,  as opposed to being fully immersed in the drama of it. Our clients also consistently report the following benefits from participating in the program:

•A more consistent state of happiness.

•Feeling more engaged and fulfilled in life.

•More freedom to express their authentic self.

•Improved health and increased abundance.

•Less exhausted allowing them to be focused and productive, creating what is important to them.

•More clarity of purpose and how to express it in their life.




Each  person  works  one-on-one  with  an  EAP  Mentor  to  guide  them  through  the  step-by-step,  easy-to-follow process. The  program  is  made  up  of  three  units,  each  unit  taking  approximately  12  weeks  to  complete.  As different  levels  of  awareness  require  different  awareness  processes,  EAP  offers  two  awareness  streams, providing  everyone  the  best  opportunity  to  evolve  consciousness.  The  stream  best  suited  to  each  client  is identified  at  the  conclusion  of  the  first unit, also known as the Being Aware Unit. A test and measure model determines  if  your  level of awareness is mostly aware, somewhat aware or mostly unaware.

Each week you will attend a 1 hour session with your mentor either in person or via Skype or phone call. At the end  of  each  session  your  mentor  will  inform  you  of the activity that  will  need  to  be completed before you get together for your next session.




EAP IS UNIQUE: Our research indicates that traditional personal development and life coaching programs have a primary focus to help people implement change by identifying what they are doing wrong and changing what is not working by setting goals for the client to achieve. How EAP differs is that we don't ask you to change anything.

Your mentor does not set goals for you, they simply guide and offer support as you make your way through a systemised process that helps you to become more aware of how you are experiencing life, and how you could experience it differently. Other modalities often focus on changing the external environment while at EAP we focus on the awareness of your experience and whether or not it is serving in your best interest. It is in this authentic observation that the chance for change is not only possible, but sustainable.

EAP IS CREDIBLE: The Enhances Awareness Programs founding principal, Russell Sturgess, developed EAP after dedicating a life time of research and development into spiritual practices and holistic approaches to healing which included more than 35 years experience in the health industry. Russell first learnt awareness and mindfulness approaches to healing in the late eighties when he regularly travelled to the USA to attend trainings with Dr Jerry Jampolsky, Dr Susan Trout, Stephen Levine and then later with Paul Ferrini. Now 25 years later, Russell well qualifies as one of Australia's leading teachers of healing and awareness.

EAP WORKS: Hundreds of people who have participated in the Enhances Awareness Program have reported improved health, clarity, happiness and freedom from their suffering. Most importantly, they have found these changes to be sustainable. See what some of our clients have had to say by visiting our testimonials page.




All you need to do is find a mentor and arrange a date to start. Your mentor will arrange to get your high content workbook to you in which you will record your progress through the entirety of the program.

If you feel you need more information before committing, that’s no problem. There are a couple of things you can do:

1. Sign up for a copy of our free CD “Free yourself from the things that are holding you back” by filling in your details to the right. We will send your CD straight away you will also receive a subscription to our fortnightly E-Zine for free.

2. If you would like to try it before you buy it, reach out to the mentor of your choice and ask about the EAP Awareness Booklet.

3. Join us on Facebook for regular conversations and information on awareness and mindfulness.

4. Read the ‘Awareness Series’ on our blog to start developing an understanding on what this ‘awareness’ thing is all about.

5. Contact EAP HQ or the mentor of your choice with any questions.

Chris H
Sunny Coast, QLD

“Through EAP I developed a greater understanding of who I am and my values and the triggers that pushed my negative thoughts and behaviours. I developed a calmness in response to stress that allowed me to consider the actions that best served me, and the self-confident to follow through.”

Michal S
Sydney, NSW

"EAP made what felt daunting and insurmountable approachable and doable. It provided me with the structure for change helping me find my best self and the best of life, I started to see the destructive patterns in my life changing into the best manifestation in all areas.”

Travis L
Brisbane, QLD

"EAP has empowered me with some very special tools and knowledge that I use on a daily basis and will continue to use for the rest of my life. I look back to my past with the opinion that I had been living my life with my eyes and ears shut. I now have a totally different perspective on life and the way I go about things.”

"Before I did EAP I was time poor, frustrated with my life and not sure how to reach my goals. After EAP, my time management is more consistent, I nurture myself more (and don't feel guilty about it), and my goals are more prominent in thoughts throughout the day. Give it a go, it will change your life."

Rachel L - New Zealand


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