EAP Mentor will make a significant contribution to facilitating global inner stillness (peace) and healing, one person at a time. We believe that a global change can be achieved by guiding a critical mass to be enhanced in their awareness. This program will be delivered by 'ordinary' people who possess a clear understanding of the dynamic healing nature of awareness and who share the vision of EAP Mentor.

COST: See the Be A Mentor Information Pack page 6
DURATION: Each certification level takes a minimum of 6 - 9 months

NOTE: EAP Mentors are required to complete the Being Aware and Being Mindful units of the Enhances Awareness Program before attending mentor training.


At EAP Mentor we train and support people to build a 'mindful career' that empowers them to earn a self determined livelihood while upholding a personal sense of worth and social purpose. The foundation to this business is the Enhances Awareness Program (EAP), which is a one-on-one mentoring program that provides the framework and guidance required to help people live life more mindfully and free from their exhaustion. The program has proven to align with the latest research regarding neuroplasticity and neural pathway development and is totally based on heightened mindfulness that is achieved through enhancing awareness.

Becoming an EAP Mentor is an opportunity to build for yourself a business that revolves around making connections and to be engaged in work that is making a real difference in the world. No matter what your situation, whether it be looking for a completely new line of work, or to enhance your skills in your current career, the knowledge that you gain from becoming an EAP Mentor will suit your cause. Most people consider becoming an EAP Mentor as they are:

•Passionate about helping others and wanting to make a difference in the world

•Committed to living their own life in awareness

•Looking for mindful employment

•Retired and feel like they have more to contribute / would still like to be earning

•Health Practitioners looking to provide more holistic results for their clients

•Professionals dedicated to improving professional development and leadership skills

•Participants of EAP seeing the difference it has made in their own life, and now wanting to share that with others




The single most important thing for you to do before signing up to become an EAP Mentor, is to consider if you share in the EAP Mentor values and vision. These are intrinsic to the life-force behind EAP Mentor and the Enhances Awareness Program. To help you do this, take a moment to consider the following questions. Do you align with values such as compassion, empathy, forgiveness, being of service and being a peace-maker? Are you interested in sharing our vision of achieving global inner stillness (peace) and healing, one person at a time? And, do you choose inner stillness (peace) as a priority in your own life?

If this sounds like you, then this may be the start of your journey not only as an EAP Mentor but also your chance to become part of a conscious community of individuals committed to making a life-changing difference to others in our world.




The role of the EAP Mentor is to assist clients to honestly self-assess the current state of how they turn up in the world mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and to help them acknowledge the way this impacts on their life. Mentors then assist their clients to identify how they could better express those four elements of consciousness in a more serving way, and how to have those changes be possible and sustainable.

Mentoring is not counselling. Counselling is about examining parts of the clients life in detail. Mentoring is guiding the client to self-assess how they turn up in the world right now. Mentoring is not coaching. Where coaching is task oriented and performance driven, mentoring is relationship oriented and development driven. The EAP is not psychology and is not a counselling service. The Enhances Awareness Program does not prescribe medical advice, or the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems without the advice of a medical practitioner, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the program is only to offer information of a general nature to help people in their quest for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual awareness and wellbeing.




EAP Mentor recognises three stages of mentorship and two levels of expanded business opportunities.

Mentor-in-Training - Have commenced their first Mentor Training 7 Day Intensive and will work with three case studies under the supervision of a group/senior mentor. Mentors remain a mentor-in-training until they qualify as a certified mentor.

Certified Mentor - Take paying clients through the first two units of the Enhances Awareness Program. If you are interested in teaching opportunities, you can commence the preliminary stages of the EAP Instructor certifications.

Senior Mentor - Take paying clients through all three units of the Enhances Awareness Program. Senior Mentorship is a prerequisite for receiving certification as an EAP Instructor.

Group Mentor - This is the first of our expanded business models. If becoming a leader and helping others is your calling, then after gaining senior mentorship you may consider becoming a group mentor which entitles you to passive income as you grow your business and provide technical supervision to mentors in your group. (Coming in 2018)

EAP Instructor - This is our second expanded business opportunity. Become a certified EAP Instructor to host 7 Day Mentor Training Intensives or a variety of our Pathways to Mindfulness two-day workshops. (Coming in 2018)

EAP Mentor

"EAP gifts participants the understanding of who they are intrinsically and spiritually. As a result I have found that my clients are flourishing and happier. They achieve their dreams and want to make a lasting contribution in their world. I cannot think of any other career that had me wake up every day and say 'yes this is exactly where I'm meant to be”.

EAP Mentor

“Having personally experienced the benefits of the program it is immensely rewarding to now be able to share it with others as a Mentor. The process allows you to be completely honest with yourself and leaves you with knowledge and tools that you can use to live your life the way you want to with clarity, happiness, wellness and freedom. It is truly an honour to help others experience the benefits of awareness.”

EAP Mentor

“Being able to use my new found skills and art of authentic listening to help others, has been such a rewarding career choice. I now get to make a difference "one person at a time" by guiding others through their own self discovery. I have joy in each day and love that I now have purpose. But the greatest gift in it is seeing others lives be enriched with greater awareness resulting in clarity, wellness, happiness and freedom.”

EAP Mentor

“It is a privilege and joy to work alongside clients to achieve the changes they wish to see in their own lives in a sustainable way. Seeing them flourish and feel reconnected with their whole-self, as they begin to live life with greater awareness & mindfulness.”

Mentor TrainingSunshine Coast AURussell Sturgess01-07 Oct 2017Download 4 - 6Sold Out06 Sep 2017Closed
Mentor TrainingQueenstown NZLynne Brown21-27 Jan 2018Download 41 Seat Left10 Nov 2017Click Here

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