Enhancing awareness is having the ability to observe how your story plays out in your life, as opposed to being fully immersed in the drama of it. In that place of awareness you find clarity, freedom and peace, all of which lead to wellness. Our clinical trials of the Enhances Awareness Program (referred to as EAP) have shown that people's lives radically change the more aware they become. When we are not being aware, we are caught in our story, a collective of beliefs and attitudes that arise from our personally unique formative years. We also came to understand that the main cause for suffering is a combination of being unaware and unsustainable values. Imagine your life filled with purpose, joy, abundance, wellness and peace. Through the guidance of the Enhanced Awareness Program and your personal mentor, that is achievable. 
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EAP provides you with a proven formula for enhancing your awareness. That helps you to be more aligned with sustainable values and experience a better quality of life. It is a one-on-one mentoring program with a minimum investment of six months. Each person works with an EAP Mentor to guide them through the program. You will also receive a high content workbook to record your process for the entirety of the program. One of the core principles of EAP states that the body is a symbol of consciousness. For this reason, EAP marries the program with Fascial Kinetics, a form of Bowen Therapy that assists your change in consciousness, by enhancing the quality of your connective tissue.

“EAP made what felt daunting and insurmountable, approachable and doable. It provided me with a structure for change helping me to find my best self and the best of life” Michal S, Designer


There are four fundamental steps to the EAP process:
Step 1 - BEING HONEST - You build an honest profile of how you relate to the world through your senses, thought, feelings and desires.
Step 2 - BEING INFORMED - You create a vision of how you would experience life if you had more clarity, wellness, happiness and freedom.
Step 3 - BEING STRATEGIC - You design mental maps (new neural pathways) for bridging the gap between step one and two.
Step 4 - BEING OF SERVICE - You practice staying in awareness, which naturally results in empathy for others while being more self- serving.

Our clients consistently report the following benefits from completing the EAP:
Being more consistently happy; more engaged and fulfilled in life; more freedom to express their authentic self; improved health; increased abundance; more clarity of purpose.

How Do I start?
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